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Kahina Giving Beauty - Kahina Travel Basics

Elegant travel set includes 30 ml bottles of each of Facial Cleanser, Facial Lotion, Argan Oil - all the basics any traveler needs for a simplified daily organic skincare regimen away from home. Also makes a wonderful introduction to Kahina Giving Beauty skin care. Kahina Argan oil: The multi-purpose, antioxidant-rich wonder oil everyone should have. Extremely high in antioxidants like vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids, argan oil is versatile, lightweight so it absorbs instantly, and for truly all skin types. Argan Oil moisturizes on contact, improves skin elasticity, calms irritation and redness, fights against free radical damage that causes signs of aging, and balances sebum production over time. Kahina Facial Lotion: An unscented, extra-gentle moisturizer to protect, hydrate and restore. With high concentrations of antioxidant-rich argan oil, this lightweight lotion absorbs almost instantly and leaves a matte finish. Sodium hyaluronate attracts water molecules in the air, boosting hydration levels. Shea butter softens skin, while beeswax shields from the elements. Kahina Facial Cleanser: A milky, extra-gentle cleanser based on aloe vera and argan oil. Papaya enzymes brighten while willow bark calms. Botanically-scented with notes of neroli and Moroccan Blue Tansy. Argan Oil dissolves excess oil without leaving your skin tight or dry. Removes light to moderate eye makeup and is safe around the eye area.


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Kahina Giving Beauty - Kahina Travel Basics

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